Values Voters Send Strong Message in Primary, Important Run-offs to Come

Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton (620-240)Yesterday’s Republican Primary Election saw pro-family conservative voters and the tea party send a strong message in race after race across Texas.

With Greg Abbott easily topping the Governor’s race, as expected, much of the focus for the night was on two high-profile statewide races for Lt. Governor and Attorney General. Both races are now headed to a May 27 run-off. In the Lt. Governor’s race, Dan Patrick topped incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst 43% to 28% in a 4-way race, and in the AG’s race Ken Paxton topped Dan Branch 44% to 33% in a 3-way race.

Other statewide races saw similar results. In the Ag. Commissioner’s race Sid Miller takes a double digit lead into the run-off, as does Wayne Christian in the Railroad Commissioner race. In the Comptroller race Glenn Hegar will not face a runoff after nearly topping 50% and his closest opponent, Harvey Hilderbran, conceded the race. And all three current Supreme Court Justices that faced a challenger – Phil Johnson, Jeff Brown and Nathan Hecht – won their races outright.

In the Texas Senate, in one of the most widely watched races, longtime incumbent Sen. John Carona of Dallas was defeated by challenger Don Huffines. And in east Texas, incumbent Sen. Bob Deuell is headed to a run-off against grassroots challanger Bob Hall.

On the flip side, Sen. Donna Campbell successfully fended off 2 challengers and won with 55%.

In the Texas House, incumbents Charles Perry (Lubbock), Jonathan Stickland (Bedford) and Matt Schaefer (Tyler) all easily won their races while incumbents Bennet Ratliff, Lance Gooden, Ralph Sheffield, Linda-Harper Brown, and Diane Patrick where defeated by challengers Matt Rinaldi, Stuart Spitzer, Molly White, Rodney Anderson, and Tony Tinderholdt.

And in an open seat in HD 16, Pastor Ted Seago led in a 6-way race that is also headed to a run-of.

It’s clear that voters sent the message that they expect our leaders to boldly stand for faith, family, and freedom in Texas.

Republican Primary Run-offs set for May 27 (with vote % from March 4 Primary Election)

Lieutenant Governor:

Dan Patrick 41.5%
David Dewhurst 28.3%

Attorney General:

Ken Paxton 44.4%
Dan Branch 33.5%

Agriculture Commissioner:

Sid Miller 34.6%
Tommy Merritt: 21.0%

Railroad Commissioner:

Wayne Christian 42.7%
Ryan Sitton 30.5%

State Senate District 2:

Bob Deuell 48.5%
Bob Hall 38.8%

State Senate District 10:

Konni Burton 43.2%
Mark Shelton 35.2%

State Rep. District 10:

T.J. Fabby 38.1%
John Wray 35.8%

State Rep. District 16:

Ted Seago 43.6%
Will Metcalf 41.8%

State Rep. District 53:

Andrew Murr 41.1%
Rob Henneke 29.0%

State Rep. District 58:

Philip Eby 40.1%
DeWayne Burns 30.3%

State Rep. District 66:

Matt Shaheen 48.8%
Glenn Callison 40.0%

State Rep. District 102:

Linda Koop 34.7%
Stefani Carter 33.2%

State Rep. District 108:

Morgan Meyer 47.1%
Chart Westcott 30.2%

State Rep. District 129:

Sheryl Berg 25.6%
Dennis Paul 25.1%

State Rep. District 132:

Mike Schofield 44.6%
Ann Hodge 19.5%

State Board of Education District 11

Pat Hardy 49.6%
Eric Mahroum 43.5%

For full elections results of the Republican and Democratic Primary visit the Texas Secretary of State website here.

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