What Others Are Saying About Texas Values

“There is hardly a more important place to protect faith, family and freedom than Texas.  Texas Values will be the strongest voice on these issues and that’s why you must support this new and exciting group.”

Kelly Shackelford, President of First Liberty Institute

“I am so encouraged by the faith-based work of Texas Values and the leadership of Jonathan Saenz. If you want to make a difference in Texas for faith, family, freedom, you need to be connected with Texas Values.”

Dr. James Dobson, Family Talk radio and Founder of Focus on the Family

“I want to thank all the men and women at Texas Values for your incredible hard work defending our shared values all across the Lone Star State.”

United States Senator Ted Cruz

“A return to our most important values is what we desperately need in our state.  Texas Values will lead this effort and for that they have my full support.”

The Honorable Justice Raul A. Gonzalez, retired Justice Texas Supreme Court

“Our culture in Texas is not immune to negative outside influences, and that’s why we need a group that is focused on highlighting what’s right for Texans, and that group is Texas Values.”

Pastor Ryan Rush

“Texans across the state are alarmed at the growing attacks on our values and constitutional rights.  Texas Values has answered the bell and I know my good friend Jonathan Saenz and his team are ready to help more Texans stand up for their rights and values.”

Cathie Adams, former President of Texas Eagle Forum

“Whether it’s in legislature, the media or in the public square, the voice of Texans need to be heard loud clear and I have confidence that’s what will happen with the help of Texas Values and their team led by my friend Jonathan Saenz.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote

“Families throughout our state are stronger when their values are reflected in our culture and in our policy.  Texas Values will highlight these issues and for that this group and their leader, Jonathan Saenz, have my full support.”

Ann Hettinger, former Concerned Women for America of Texas State Director

“Jonathan Saenz has long been a leader of parental rights, family values and religious liberty in the lone star state.  I am excited about the leadership he will provide for Texas Values and I stand with him in this new effort as he works with Texans across the state for our most precious values.”

Tim Lambert, President of Texas Home School Coalition

“I am glad my home state of Texas will have a group like Texas Values looking out for what’s most important for Texans; faith, family, and freedom.  God bless Texas Values.”

David Barton, President of Wallbuilders