Sign the Petition Now to protect College Female Sports! Tell the NCAA to Save Women’s Sports!

Just as our legislative session is beginning in January, a huge event will be taking place on the Save Women’s Sports issue. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) will be having their annual convention in San Antonio , less than 80 miles from our state capitol, during the week of January 11-14, 2023. It is expected that the topic of biological males will be discussed at the conference. Several women’s groups and faith based organizations along with female athletes are putting together a petition to be delivered at the NCAA conference to tell them that we do not want biological males competing in female sports. Texas Values will be working hard this upcoming legislative session to make sure that our state passes a law that protects women sports at the collegiate level. We need as many of our Texas supporters to sign the petition to let the NCAA know that Texans want to Save Women’s Sports! Please sign the petition below.