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Texas Lawmakers Roll Out Religious Liberty Legislation

February 15, 2017
Texas Legislators gathered at the Capitol this afternoon to showcase key bills that will defend religious liberty in the Lone Star State. The Rollout of Religious...

Texas Attorney General: Displaying “In God We Trust” on Police Cars is Constitutional

November 6, 2015
Austin, TX, November, 5 2015 – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has released an official Attorney General Opinion clarifying the legality of the use of ‘In...

Video: Texas Values Discusses “In God We Trust” Attack

October 6, 2015
A Police Chief in Childress, Texas has told the Freedom From Religious Foundation to “Go Fly a Kite” after the anti-freedom organization demanded “In God We...

Values Voters Send Strong Message in Primary, Important Run-offs to Come

March 5, 2014
Topic: Elections
Yesterday’s Republican Primary Election saw pro-family conservative voters and the tea party send a strong message in race after race across Texas. With Greg Abbott easily...

Strong Showing For Conservatives, Important Runoffs To Come

May 31, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
The long awaited primary election finally arrived on Tuesday, and conservatives in the Texas House and Senate primary races had a strong night. Yet, with a...