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What Parents & Kids Need to Know About School Choice

Texas Faith, Family, & Freedom Forum 2022 Moderator: Jonathan Covey, Policy Director for Texas Values Panelists: Corey Deangelis, Executive Director, Educational Freedom Institute Joseph Backholm, Senior...

Texas Association of School Boards Releases Policy Allowing Males in Bathrooms

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) continues to impose LGBT rules not required by law on Texas school districts in order to further their radical...

Texas Values Will Rally to #SaveWomensSports at NCAA Convention

OnJanuary 12th, to highlight the stories of the women athletes impacted by this push to include biological men, Texas Values, along with allied women's groups, will...

Texas Values: Top Stories of 2022

We have created a list with some of the biggest headlines around the state and nation that happened in, or directly impacted, Texas. 

Alert: Christians Banned from Christmas Parade in the City of Taylor

Taylor, TX City Council will meet to discuss a policy that essentially bans Christians from being part of city-sponsored events including Christmas parades.

“Merry Christmas” Project Educates About First Amendment Rights

Every year we see efforts by government or hostile groups that participate in a “war on Christmas” to limit or ban references to Christmas in public...

Take Action Now! “War On Woman Bill” Filed By Texas House Member, Wants To Erase “Woman,” Replace With “Pregnant Individual”

Contact your Texas House member today to let him or her know that you do not want to see bills that erase “woman” in the Texas...