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Texas Legislators Stand for Sonogram Law

August 5, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
Today, on behalf of Texas Senator Dan Patrick and Texas Representative Sid Miller, Liberty Institute filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit seeking to strike down...

Texas Bill Prevents Taxpayer Funded Abortions, By Hospital District Governmental Entity

March 15, 2011
Topic: Update
HB 561 was heard in House State Affairs last night.  We testified in favor of this bill.  See Rep. Christian’s statement on this issue.

Choose Life License Plate Passes Full Senate

March 15, 2011
Topic: Update
SB 257 passes the full Texas Senate, 21-10.  We’ve been supporting this bill in the Senate and House.

Live Blogging-House Sonogram Debate & Vote

March 2, 2011
Topic: Update
Sonogram bill being referred back to State Affairs, back to Calendars, and then on the floor again tomorrow morning at 10 am.  Still time to call your...

Want to Make A Difference for Faith, Family & Freedoms? Give A Year-End Gift

December 28, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here to Donate to our work TODAY! (President of Free Market Foundation shown above as legal counsel for Hannah Giles, who helping take down...

Update: Travis County Bows To Planned Parenthood; Ignores Mass Public Outcry

December 11, 2009
Topic: Update
December 11, 2009 First, thank you to all the hardwork by so many people.  You made your voice heard and stood up for what it is...

Texas Medical Association: Senate Plan is “Bad Medicine”; Liberal Texas Democrat is Texas Point man For Obama

November 23, 2009
Topic: Update
The Texas Medical Association (TMA) has released a statement opposing the Senate version of the Government Takeover of healthcare.  Click here for their release. http://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=8201 Quorum Report...

Travis County Could Spend $450,000 for Abortions; Refuses to Discuss with Citizens

October 28, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here for an update on this issue!! http://txvalues.org/2009/12/11/travis-county-bows-to-planned-parenthood-ignore-mass-public-outcry/ We testified last week against Travis County’s efforts last week to use $450,000 of taxpayer funds to...

Stop the Abortion Mandate!! Stop Planned Parenthood Funding by Taxpayers!! Live Webcast Tomorrow!!

July 22, 2009
Topic: Update
Tomorrow, on Thursday, July 23rd, a live webcast will take place at 8 p.m. Central.  You’ll remember we informed you that Planned Parenthood was busted in...

2009 Texas Legislative Session Summary

June 11, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here for our summary. http://txvalues.org/2009/06/04/texas-legislatve-session-summary-taxes-rejected-family-values-protected/