Austin Council: Abortion Costs Billed to Taxpayers



Austin, TX – Today, the Austin City Council approved agenda item #35 which calls for the repeal of state law that ensures Texans are not forced to pay for abortions.

Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values, said: “If the current state law is repealed, women like me would be forced to pay for the killing of unborn children. Where is the ‘pro-choice’ argument in that? Thankfully, we have state legislators and a Governor that value life and freedom for all Texans.”

In 2017 during the Special Legislative Session, Rep. John Smithee authored a bill opting Texas out of elective abortion coverage in Obamacare. This covers the standard package of benefits offered in public, private, and state employee health insurance plans for Texas. Under Obamacare, states are given the option to remove elective abortion coverage from these insurance plans and abortion insurance can be purchased separately. Governor Abbott signed Rep. Smithee’s bill into law in 2017 protecting Texans who disagree with abortion from being forced to pay for the procedure.


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