Defend Preborn Children, Support the Texas Preborn Pain Bill

Texas is Pro-LifeThe Texas Preborn Pain Bill would establish a state interest in protecting preborn children who can feel pain. HB 2364, filed by State Rep. Jodie Laubenburg and SB 25 by State Senator Glenn Hegar, would ban abortions at the 20-week mark, sparing preborn children from the tremendous pain caused by abortion.

As our friends at Texas Right to Life have pointed out, a growing amount of scientific research have confirmed that preborn children in the womb can feel tremendous pain by 20 weeks post-fertilization. This is one of the most important pro-life bills this session and has been made a top priority by Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.

HB 2364 is scheduled to be in the Texas House Committee on State Affairs on Wednesday, April 10th. Please contact the committee members and express your support for the life-saving Texas Preborn Pain Bill.

Take Action: Contact the Texas House Committee on State Affairs

Chair, Rep. Byron Cook (R), 512-463-0730,

Vice-Chair, Rep. Helen Giddings (D), 512-463-0953,

Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (R), 512-463-0536,

Rep. Rene Oliveira (D), 512-463-0640,

Rep. John Smithee (R), 512-463-0702,

Rep. Sylvester Turner (D), 512-463-0554,

Rep. Tom Craddick (R), 512-463-0500,

Rep. Jessica Farrar (D), 512-463-0620,

Rep. John Frullo (R), 512-463-0676,

Rep. Charlie Geren (R), 512-463-0610,

Rep. Patricia Harless (R), 512-463-0496,

Rep. Dan Huberty (R), 512-463-0520,

Rep. Jose Menendez (D), 512-463-0634,

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