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Licensed professionals in Texas and across the nation are increasingly threatened for simply working in accordance with their faith. No Texan should ever lose their license – their very livelihood – because of their Christian faith. Support the Texas Professional Protection Act to support religious freedom for all Texas professionals!
With increased attacks on biblical values across Texas, the legislature must act this session to protect religious freedom for all Texans. Take action to support the Free to Believe Act at the Texas Capitol!
As pro-abortion radicals in New York legalize and cheer the killing of full-term babies, Texas is posed to lead the fight for life with several important proposed laws. Take action to contact your State Representative and State Senator in support of three important pro-life bills.
New bills filed in the Texas Legislature would #BanTheBible and criminalize people of faith. Tell your Texas Senator and Representative to oppose!
Austin ISD is pushing new sex-education revisions promoting homosexual and transgender behavior, which are modeled after Planned Parenthood and pro-LGBT organizations. School board members need to know parents are NOT ok with this curriculum.