Alert! Tell Texas Children’s Hospital: Stop Harmful Gender Treatments Now!

We reported to you several times recently on the scandal at Texas Children’s Hospital where doctors secretly operated on kids as young as 11 years old at their gender treatment clinic, which they claimed to have shut down.

Dr. Eithan Haim, the whistleblower who exposed the existence of the secret clinic (and has appeared on our weekly radio show) is being prosecuted by the Biden Department of Justice as they seek to destroy Dr. Haim’s credibility by unveiling criminal charges against him. Dr. Haim will be an invited speaker at the Texas Values Faith, Family, and Freedom Forum in September 2024 (if he’s not in jail!) Our supporters want these harmful treatments stopped! 

Here are two ways you can make a difference:

First, send an email or make a phone call to Texas Children’s Hospital and demand they shut down the pediatric sex-change clinic and take transparent steps to demonstrate to the public that they are no longer lying about these activities.  


Phone: (832) 824-1000

We ask that you be professional, polite, and serious as you reach out by phone and email. Address your emails to “Texas Children’s Hospital Leadership Team” and feel free to include your own personal experience in your reasoning as to why this pediatric sex-change clinic should be shut down immediately.

Second, if you find value in the work we are doing, please consider making a donation as we are mere DAYS away from the end of our fiscal year. We have a $200,000 matching grant in place until June 30th! 

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