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Texas Values is often interviewed and mentioned in news stories across numerous media outlets because of our expertise on issues relating to religious liberty, marriage and family, and pro-life values.

In the last year few years alone, the Texas Values team was featured or mentioned in numerous stories in hundreds of outlets including Associated Press, Fox News Channel, CNN, the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Austin-American Statesman and many more.

Media Mentions:

12.8.22: Texas City May Bar Christians From Sponsoring Christmas Parades, Conservative Group Warns

10.5.22: Mary Elizabeth Castle on Flash Point America on the Victory News Channel.

9.9.22: Political Debate Upends Texas Social Studies Standards Process

9.1.22: Amid ‘Dizzying Culture Wars,’ Texas Social Studies Curriculum Overhaul Vote Delayed

8.31.22: Texas education board moves to delay updates to social studies curriculum after conservative pushback

8.31.22: Texas School Board to set new standards for social studies curriculum

8.30.22: Texas Parents Prevail in Fight to Stop Controversial Social Study Curriculum

8.26.22: Trigger Laws Banning Abortion Take Effect in Tennessee, Texas and Idaho While Legal Battles Continue

8.25.22: Multas, cárcel e incluso cadena perpetua: así es la nueva ley en Texas que prohíbe el aborto

8.25.22: Texas Law Mandates Donated ‘In God We Trust’ Signs be Displayed in Public Schools

8.25.22: Trigger Law banning nearly all abortions in Texas now in effect

8.25.22: Doctors could face life in jail, $100,000 penalty for providing abortion care

8.22.22: Some Central Texas schools display donated ‘In God We Trust’ signs, as state law requires

8.2.22: Not enough Texas? Concerns over history derail social studies revamp

8.1.22: ‘Involuntary relocation’ gone from social studies standards

7.14.22: Biden Considers Declaring Public Health Emergency for Abortion Access

7.13.22: Texas Abortion Provider Planning Move to New Mexico

7.8.22: Biden signs Executive Order to expand access to reproductive health services

7.5.22 ‘Set them up for failure’: Sex education not required in many states where abortion is or will be banned

7.5.22: Texas Supreme Court allows enforcement of abortion ban

6.27.22: Texas leaders react to U.S. Supreme Court siding with football coach who lost job for praying after games

6.24.22: Texas leaders react to Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision

6.24.22: Two former UT students reflect on their work towards Roe V. Wade in the late 1960s

6.22.22: Texas Public Policy Foundation. (2022). TPPF: Research Supports Banning Gender Modification for Minors [Press release]. https://www.texaspolicy.com/press/tppf-research-supports-banning-gender-modification-for-minors

6.22.22: Texas Public Policy Foundation. [@TPPF]. (n.d.). Tweets [TPPF]. Retrieved June 22, 2022, from https://twitter.com/TPPF/status/1539635362028560389

6.21.22: Texas Republican Party Platform Takes Anti-LGBTQ Stance

6.18.22: State of Texas: ‘The lives of our kids are on the ballot’ Race for Governor tightens after mass shooting. KXAN.

6.15.22: Moses, Ten Commandments back in Texas school curriculum debate. KXAN.

6.11.22: Austin Approves Contract to Assist Women Receiving Abortions The Texan.

Television / Radio:

7.21.22: Mary Elizabeth Castle on  Univision Channel 62 (Austin)

7.21.22: Mary Elizabeth Castle on Univision Noticias

7.13.22: Jonathan Saenz on the Matt Long Show on Hill Country Patriot Radio

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