Call the NCAA and Tell Them That They Must Protect College Women Athletes!

Act now and call the NCAA to tell them to protect female athletes! Today, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will meet to discuss policies for college athletes, giving them an opportunity to create and adopt a policy that would protect college women athletes from being forced to compete against men in college sports. Texas has laws that provide complete protection for female athletes from middle/high school through college with laws HB 23 and SB 15. BUT, the reality is our college female athletes will have to travel to compete in other left leaning states that do not have laws protecting women. That is why the NCAA needs to have a universal policy that stops men from competing in women’s sports.

Over 4,000 female athletes have sent letters to the NCAA before today’s meeting asking them to protect women’s sports in their meeting today.

But you can be involved, too! Call this number to the “Legislative Questions” line (317)917-6008. Tell them to end their old policy of allowing men to compete on women’s sports team.

Let them know that many women will be physically harmed and denied scholarship opportunities if they continue to allow men to compete in women’s sports.

In the time the NCAA has waited to create a fair policy for female athletes, the following events have happened:

  • Bill Bock, a NCAA board member resigned from his position on the Committee on Infractions due to the NCAA continuing to allow men in women’s sports
  • Riley Gaines and 16 other female athletes sued the NCAA for allowing men like “Lia” Thomas to compete in women’s sports and violate their privacy
  • Twenty-five states have laws protecting female athletes at either the K-12 or college level or both
  • The NAIA unanimously voted in favor of a policy to protect women from being forced to compete against men
  • Over 4,000 athletes have written the NCAA Board of Governors asking them to protect women’s sports in their decision today
  • President Joe Biden retracted from releasing a new Title IX policy allowing men in women’s sports

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