Breaking! Idaho Will Continue ER Abortions, Texas Still Protects Babies in All Cases

Washington, D.C. – June 27, 2024: Today the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Biden Administration’s misuse of a law from the 1980s, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) to force ER doctors to perform abortions, even in states where the lives of the preborn are protected. Though disappointing, the ruling will not affect Texas, because the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that the Biden Administration cannot misinterpret EMTALA to force ER doctors to abort preborn babies.

Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney for Texas Values released the following statement:

“Don’t be gaslit by today’s Supreme Court decision in Idaho v. EMTALA: Dobbs v Jackson is the new law of the land and Roe is no more! Texas continues to lead the nation in protecting the life of the preborn with our Texas Heartbeat Law and the Human Life Protection Act. Our 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has also made it clear that you cannot bend laws to illegally force abortions.”

Texas Values is a part of a family policy network that provided law and policy support on this case.

Members of the Texas Values law and policy team are available for comment. Email Ashley to schedule an interview or call/text 737-314-2450.


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