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President Obama Refuses Religious Protection, Signs LGBT Executive Order

July 21, 2014
July 21, 2014 – Today, President Obama bypassed Congress and signed an executive order that threatens churches, religious organizations, and nonprofits by forcing them to essentially...

Texas Values Praises Religious Freedom Victory for Hobby Lobby

June 30, 2014
June 30, 2014 – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court released its historic decision in the Hobby Lobby case opposing Obamacare’s HHS mandate (Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores,...

Austin Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Life Centers

June 23, 2014
Topic: Legal , Pro-Life
Declares City of Austin’s ‘Forced Speech Ordinance’ Unconstitutional AUSTIN, TX, June 23, 2014 —Today, Austin area pro-life centers gained a huge victory in their fight to...

Religious Freedom, Free Speech Threatened by Houston’s LGBT Ordinance

April 25, 2014
Proposed Ordinance is a Threat to Christians, Private Sector in Houston Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who is an open lesbian, has announced a proposed wide-reaching LGBT...

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Thousands March in D.C. For Marriage, Against Judicial Activism

June 19, 2014
June 19, 2014 –Today, thousands of concerned Americans marched and rallied in Washington, D.C. at the March For Marriage, supporting marriage as the union of one...

Supporting Freedom: The truth about ‘Reparative Therapy” in the RPT Platform

June 10, 2014
The media’s pro-LGBT bias is raising its ugly head once again. The mainstream media and pro-homosexual activists have been up in arms over the platform language...

Defense of Texas Marriage Amendment Rally

June 5, 2014
Please join Texas Values in attending the “Defense of Texas Marriage Amendment Rally” in support of marriage between one man and one woman. The event is taking place...

U.S. Supreme Court Prayer Ruling is Tremendous Victory for Religious Liberty

May 6, 2014
April 6, 2013 – Texas Values applauded the U.S. Supreme Court for its decision yesterday in Town of Greece v. Galloway upholding the constitutionality of legislative...

Update on Good Friday School Attendance Controversy

April 22, 2014
It came to our attention last week that many Texas school districts, including several in the DFW and Houston areas, made Good Friday an official makeup...