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Good Friday Controversy in Public School Erupts

April 17, 2014
April 17, 2013 – Texas law says that Texas children are “excused” from public school attendance for observing a religious holy day, such as Good Friday.  However,...

What Christian Photographer Case Says About Future of Religious Liberty

April 10, 2014
This week, the U.S Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal in the Elane Photography case. The case concerns a Christian photographer who was told by...

Federal Court Upholds Texas Pro-life Law, Overrules Lower Court

March 27, 2014
March, 27 2013 – Texas’ Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, HB 2, was upheld today as constitutional by the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. This ruling reverses...

Texas Values Supports Religious Freedom of Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Woods

March 25, 2014
SCOTUS Must Uphold First Amendment Rights for All March 25, 2014 – Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga...

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Legal Analysis: State Laws Defining Marriage as One Man and One Woman Are Constitutional

March 12, 2014
From the Family Research Council’s Marriage on Trial INTRODUCTION Those who wish to change the definition of marriage from the union of one man and one...

Texas Values Interviewed on Election Results, Marriage Case

March 6, 2014
This week, Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz was on the Chosen Generation radio program with Pastor Greg Young to talk about this week’s Primary Election results...

Values Voters Send Strong Message in Primary, Important Run-offs to Come

March 5, 2014
Topic: Elections
Yesterday’s Republican Primary Election saw pro-family conservative voters and the tea party send a strong message in race after race across Texas. With Greg Abbott easily...

Lies and Distortion in Arizona Threaten Religious Liberty

February 27, 2014
You have probably heard that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) has vetoed a Religious Freedom Bill, SB 1062. In doing so, she has caved to the...

Activist Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Marriage Laws

February 26, 2014
Decision Stayed Pending Appeal to 5th Circuit San Antonio, TX, February 26, 2014 –Today, Federal Judge Orlando Garcia, a President Clinton appointee, struck down Texas’ constitutional...