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U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Texas Pro-Life Omnibus Law

November 13, 2015
November 13, 2015 –Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will consider a challenge by pro-abortion advocates to certain portions of Texas’ Pro-Life Omnibus Law, HB...

VIDEO: Texas Values Exposes Dallas LGBT Bathroom Bill

November 12, 2015
This week, the Dallas City Council fast tracked and approved an aggressive and dangerous bathroom ordinance that allows men into women’s bathrooms and tramples religious freedom....

Texas Values Talks Houston Victory with Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

November 19, 2015
The victory over Houston’s bathroom ordinance was a massive win for common sense, safety, and religious freedom, not just in Houston, but for all of Texas. We...

Texas Attorney General: Displaying “In God We Trust” on Police Cars is Constitutional

November 6, 2015
Austin, TX, November, 5 2015 – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has released an official Attorney General Opinion clarifying the legality of the use of ‘In...

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Texas Values Talks Dallas Bathroom Bill With Mark Davis

November 13, 2015
This morning, Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz joined the Mark Davis radio program (660 AM in Dallas) to discuss Dallas’ recently passed bathroom ordinance that allows men...

Houston Victory Shows Common Sense Texas values can Win

November 11, 2015
Houston voters said “no” to a radical, expansive power grab that threatened the safety and liberty of Houston residents. In an historic vote, the Houston bathroom...

Video: Texas Cancels Planned Parenthood Medicaid Contracts

October 20, 2015
Topic: Pro-Life , Videos
Yesterday, the state of Texas moved to cut Planned Parenthood from Medicaid programs. The decision comes after multiple investigations into Planned Parenthood that followed the release of undercover video footage by...

Texas Stops Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood Through Medicaid

October 19, 2015
Austin, TX October 19, 2015-The Texas Health and Human Services Commission Office of Inspector General released a letter of termination today to Planned Parenthood Texas affiliates...

Austin City Council Considers Endorsing Planned Parenthood Taxpayer Funding

October 15, 2015
Topic: Pro-Life
This morning, the Austin City Council will meet to discuss Item 39, a radical resolution to support Planned Parenthood funding and amend the city’s state legislative agenda...