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Texas Values Files Amicus Brief for Historic Supreme Court Marriage Case

April 6, 2015
Austin, TX, April 6, 2015 – Friday, Texas Values filed an amicus legal brief with the United States Supreme Court for the historic upcoming marriage case,...

Court Halts Obama Department of Labor “Spouse” Rule

March 27, 2015
Austin, TX, March, 27 2015 – Yesterday, a federal district judge in Texas granted the Texas Attorney General’s request for preliminary injunction on the Obama Administration’s...

Video: Defense of Texas Marriage Amendment Rally

March 26, 2015
Video highlights of the Defense of Texas Marriage Amendment Rally on Monday, March 23 (to view all the videos visit AgendaWise’s YouTube page here):

Texas Supreme Court Halts Rogue Judges’ Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

February 19, 2015
Austin, TX February 19, 2015 – The Texas Supreme Court has issued a stay on the same-sex ‘marriage’ license that was issued this morning by the Travis...

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Texas Values Report (4-4-15)

April 8, 2015
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On the  4-4-15 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz,” Jonathan interviews Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Listen to the show:

Texas Values Defends Christian Universities’ Religious Freedom

April 7, 2015
Austin, TX, April 7, 2015 –Today, president and attorney of Texas Values, Jonathan Saenz, joined a press conference with students and the presidents of Houston Baptist...

Texas Values Report (3-28-15)

April 6, 2015
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Listen to the  3-28-15 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz”:

San Antonio Pastors for Religious Liberty Host Event With National Expert

March 26, 2015
San Antonio, TX, March 26, 2015 –Tomorrow, National Policy Leader and President of the Family Research Council (FRC), Tony Perkins, will join a press conference with...

Texas Values Report (3-21-15)

March 26, 2015
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Listen to the  3-21-15 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz”: