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Video: Liberal Distortion Campaign Targets Texas History Books

September 18, 2014
A liberal, anti-Christian group is attempting to stir up media controversy (again) at the State Board of Education over the adoption of History textbooks based on...

Video: University Bans Christian Cross from Players’ Helmets

September 12, 2014
*Update: The University has reversed course and will allow the memorial crosses on players’ helmets after receiving pressure from a demand letter from our friends at Liberty...

Federal Judge Upholds Louisiana Marriage Laws as Constitutional

September 3, 2014
“No Fundamental Right” to Redefine Marriage September 4, 2014 – A federal judge in Louisiana has upheld its state’s marriage laws defining marriage as between one...

Family, Faith, Legal, & Academic Leaders Support Texas Marriage Laws

August 5, 2014
Wide Array of Groups Say Federal Courts Overstepped Austin, TX,  August 5, 2014 – Today, in Austin, a diverse group of state leaders held a press...

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Denied: Houston Mayor, City Lose Again on Same Sex Marriage, Benefits

August 29, 2014
August 28, 2014 – Late yesterday, a federal court judge ruled against the City of Houston and lesbian mayor Annise Parker, in a case about Mayor...

Jonathan Saenz Recognized for Religious Freedom & Pro-life Legal Work

August 22, 2014
The Catholic Diocese of Austin recently sent a letter to its Central Texas supporters highlighting the contribution of Texas Values president, Jonathan Saenz. Earlier this summer...

Tennessee Marriage Laws Upheld as Constitutional

August 12, 2014
One Man, One Woman Marriage is ‘Best’ August 12, 2014 – A judge in Tennessee has upheld its state’s marriage laws defining marriage as between one...

Video: Texas Leaders Defend Texas Marriage Laws

August 6, 2014
Yesterday, Texas Values and a diverse group of state leaders and groups held a press conference to show  support for Texas’ effort  to defend Texas marriage...

Legal Briefs Supporting Marriage at Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

August 5, 2014
Please find below links to PDFs of the legal briefs filled at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Texas’ marriage laws: TexasAGMarriage5thCirBrief.pdf TexasValuesLFFTXMarriageBrief.pdf...