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Mesquite Fast Tracks Dangerous Policy, Sides with Obama’s Bathroom Agenda

June 7, 2016
Late last night, the City of Mesquite approved, by a vote of 5 -2 (full details below), a sweeping new policy that opens up bathrooms, showers,...

Texas, Other States File Lawsuit Against Obama To Protect Privacy & Safety in Public Schools

May 25, 2016
Today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on behalf of the State of Texas and Harrold Independent School District and was joined by several...

Attorney General Paxton & Fort Worth Parents Stand Together Against Dangerous Bathroom Rules

May 16, 2016
Today, hundreds of Fort Worth parents were joined by Texas Attorney General Paxton at a press conference at a local school, hosted by Stand for Fort...

Texas Values Calls on Texans to Boycott Target

May 4, 2016
Austin, TX, May 4, 2016 – Today, Texas Values is calling for all Texans to boycott Target stores. On April 19th, Target announced their new policy...

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David Daleiden Joins 6-18-16 Edition of Texas Values Report

June 23, 2016
Topic: Pro-Life
On the 5-28-16 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz,” Jonathan spoke with David Daleiden, the undercover investigative journalist from the Center for Medical...

Legal Brief: Fort Worth ISD Transgender Policy Violates Law

June 16, 2016
Today, Texas Values sent a letter brief to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton regarding Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s opinion request on the legality of the Fort...

Investigative Journalist Vindicated in Harris County After Exposing Planned Parenthood

June 14, 2016
Today, Harris County Judge Diane Bull dismissed the unjust misdemeanor charge against David Daleiden, the undercover investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body...

Mesquite’s SOGI Bathroom Policy – Legal and Policy Concerns

June 10, 2016
Adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) as protected classifications in the law, like the City of Mesquite has recently done, is a troublesome—and unnecessary—proposal that inflicts...

Texas Values Discusses Mesquite’s Dangerous SOGI Bathroom Policy on WBAP

June 9, 2016
Yesterday, Texas Value President and Attorney Jonathan Saenz joined the Rick Roberts Show on WBAP in the DFW area to discuss Mesquite’s recently passed “sexual orientation”...