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Texas, Other States File Lawsuit Against Obama To Protect Privacy & Safety in Public Schools

May 25, 2016
Today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on behalf of the State of Texas and Harrold Independent School District and was joined by several...

Attorney General Paxton & Fort Worth Parents Stand Together Against Dangerous Bathroom Rules

May 16, 2016
Today, hundreds of Fort Worth parents were joined by Texas Attorney General Paxton at a press conference at a local school, hosted by Stand for Fort...

Texas Values Calls on Texans to Boycott Target

May 4, 2016
Austin, TX, May 4, 2016 – Today, Texas Values is calling for all Texans to boycott Target stores. On April 19th, Target announced their new policy...

Over 8,000 Texans Pray, Commit to Vote at Capitol Rally with Rev. Franklin Graham

April 26, 2016
Today, over 8,000 Texans rallied at the Capitol for Rev. Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tour. Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and many other state...

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Bo French Joins 5-21-16 Edition of Texas Values Report

May 26, 2016
On the 5-26-16 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz,” Jonathan spoke with Bo French, a Fort Worth Area business leader and former State...

Video: Texas Values Debates Dangerous Bathroom Policies

May 19, 2016
Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, joined KVUE’s Point-Counterpoint to debate a Human Rights Campaign Board Member on dangerous government policies that force schools to allow...

Notable Portions of FWISD Transgender Student Guidelines

General Guidelines section, page 4: “No medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment is required in order to have a student’s gender identity recognized and respected....

Lt. Gov. Patrick: Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Must Resign Over Dangerous Bathroom Policy

May 9, 2016
Following news that Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner, Superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD), unilaterally issued new transgender student guidelines opening little girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms...

Fort Worth ISD Allows Boys in Girls Bathrooms, Public Meeting Tomorrow

May 9, 2016
Updated 5-10: On April 26, the Superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) unilaterally issued new so-called ‘transgender’ student guidelines at the Board of Trustees’ meeting dictating...