Breaking! Biden Betrays Women, Children and Parents by Re-defining “Sex”

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Breaking! Biden Betrays Women, Children and Parents by Re-defining “Sex”

Austin, TX – April 19, 2024: Today, the Biden Administration Department of Education released the anticipated, erroneous re-write of Title IX that redefines “sex” as “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”. President Biden and his administration’s effort to redefine “sex” as something other than “male” and “female” in the half a century old law, took two years to complete due to the mass response from parents, students, and female athletes across the United States of America. For the record, Congress is the only body of government who has authority to re-write Title IX and they have not chosen to do so in its 51 years of existence. Biden’s re-write of Title is an abuse of his authority and should not be considered as final law.

The “new” interpretation of Title IX released today will have severe consequences for women’s sports, women’s privacy, parental rights, and the life of the unborn. To learn more about the specific problems in Title IX, please watch Texas Values series “ 5 things you need to know about Title IX”.  The Biden Administration prepared a separate rule on women’s sports but decided not to finalize this rule because they felt it would be a disaster for Biden’s re-election campaign for President of the United States. Nevertheless, redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity” in Title IX would allow boys and men to claim they are women even in women’s sports.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values released the following statement:

“The Biden Administration’s erroneous and illogical re-write of Title IX is an attack on all women’s rights in education and sports that has been protected by law since 1972. Not only is President Biden setting women athletes and professionals back 50 years, he is threatening women and young girls’ privacy by allowing any man who claims to identify as a woman to shower and undress next to them in locker rooms. The fact that this rule took two years to finalize, should have been an obvious sign that this re-write should have been shredded and never finalized. We will fight this re-write of Title IX every step of the way in Texas”

Texas Values has been the leading organization in the state of Texas to advance laws to protect female athletes in K-12 University Interscholastic League (UIL) sports and in Texas colleges and universities. To learn more, visit  Texas Values has also led the way in advancing pro-life legislation like the Texas Heartbeat Law and SB 22 in 2019 that prohibits government entities from using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion providers. To learn more, visit and

Update: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Biden Administration to block rewrite of Title IX. Read our press release here.

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