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Video: Liberal Distortion Campaign Targets Texas History Books

September 18, 2014
A liberal, anti-Christian group is attempting to stir up media controversy (again) at the State Board of Education over the adoption of History textbooks based on...

CSCOPE Hearing in Texas House

April 30, 2013
Update: CSCOPE Bill, SB 1406 – putting CSCOPE under oversight of the elected State Board of Education, was voted out of the House Public Education Committee last...

Conservatives Hold Ground in Texas, Continue to Dominate Texas Legislature

November 8, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
With the election over and Washington D.C. looking to continue to wander astray from our values, it is clear that attacks on religious freedom, marriage, and...

Texas Runoff: Don’t Forget About SBOE Races

July 30, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE , Update
There are two races that remain in the Republican primary for State Board of Education seats, for tomorrow’s Runoff Election that deserves your attention before you go...

Moderates, Gay Republican & Professor Lose Big In SBOE Races

May 30, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE
In the Texas Republican Primary election yesterday, challengers and “moderate” Republicans took their best shot at conservatives and largely lost, many of them losing by big...

U.S. Senate, Texas SBOE Getting Attention On Election Day

May 29, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE , Update
Today is election day and while most of the focus is on the U.S. Senate seat, the Texas State Board of Education, particularly the Republican primary...

Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance-Thank The Texas State Board of Education!!

January 16, 2012
Topic: SBOE , Update
Martin Luther King, Jr. holds a prominent place in the Texas History and Social Studies curriculum standards.  That’s correct, MLK is one of the most discussed and studied persons in our...

Lobbyist, Gay Republican Highlight Texas SBOE Races For Now

November 21, 2011
Topic: Elections , SBOE
With all 15 State Board of Education (SBOE) seats on the ballot next year, there will be a lot of talk about the SBOE, particularly by...

Texas Higher Education Board Distances Itself from Attack Report on Texas Social Studies Standards

November 11, 2011
Topic: Update
Not So Fast! Just days after a member of academia released a report criticizing isolated parts of the K-12 Texas Social Studies standards adopted last year,...

Veterans Day Teaching in Texas Public Schools Protected by Texas State Board Of Education, Religious Liberty Prevails over Federal Gov’t in Houston

November 11, 2011
Veterans & Their Families Protected in Texas by Liberty Institute:  At Liberty Institute we were honored to win a huge religious liberty case in Houston at...