Breaking: Radical Evolution-only Theories in Textbooks Rejected by State Board of Education

AUSTIN, Texas – Today, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), an elected 15-member body, met to take a final vote on the science instructional materials and textbooks that will be recommended to public school districts in the State of Texas. The Texas State Board of Education voted unanimously to accept edits to remove from a Biology textbook from McGraw Hill publishers that had text and several images stating as fact that humans evolved from monkeys.

Also rejected by the State Board of Education were textbook materials from other publishers that failed to list evolution and the “Big Bang” as a “theory” and not allowing an opportunity for students to learn or express the idea of Creationism. One publisher had a reference to a scientist being a member of the LGBT community, but removed that reference before the final vote.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations, Texas Values released the following statement:

“We are thankful for the Texas SBOE voting down the heavily disputed theory that humans evolve from apes. Science should allow for students to analyze and draw conclusions and not for forcing ideologies that are inconsistent with the “Truth”. No textbook in schools should force students to hide their faith in the classroom.”

The SBOE meeting started on Tuesday, November 14th where Texas Values provided public testimony regarding the Science instructional materials. Many parents and supporters across the state also sent emails to the SBOE members.

To learn more about the specific concerns, visit Members of Texas Values policy team are available for comment. Contact Ashley at or 737-314-2450 to schedule an interview.


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