Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Ban, Merry Christmas Bills in Committee Today

Today, two important bills will have hearings in the Public Education Committee of the Texas House. The Texas Parental Control Accountability Act, HB 1057 authored by Rep. Leach, would ban abortion providers and any entity or individual affiliated with an abortion provider from providing sex education instruction or materials in Texas public schools. Public schools should not be another avenue for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to recruit and push their agenda on children. The Senate version, SB 521 authored by Sen. Paxton, has already passed the Education Committee in the Senate.

The “Merry Christmas” Bill, HB 308 by Rep. Bohac, would protect the freedom of Texas ISDs to acknowledge and educate students on the historic and cultural roots of traditional winter celebrations and holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah. Visit to sign a petition in support of the bill.

Action Alert: Please contact the members of the Texas House Committee on Public Education and express your support for these commonsense bills – HB 1057 and HB 308.

Texas House Committee on Public Education

Chair, Rep. Jimmy Don Aycock (R)
Phone: 512-463-0684 | Email:

Rep. Alma Allen (D)
Phone: 512-463-0744
Rep. John Davis (R)
Phone: 512-463-0734
Rep. Joe Deshotel (D)
Rep. Harold Dutton (D)
Rep. Marsha Farney (R)
Rep. Dan Huberty (R)
Rep. Ken King (R)
Rep. Bennett Ratliff (R)
Rep. Justin Rodriguez (D)
Rep. Mike Villarreal (D)
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