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Austin City Council Repeals Unconstitutional Ordinance, Passes Another

January 30, 2012
Topic: Legal , Pro-Life
Liberty Institute, on behalf of three Austin, TX-area pregnancy resource centers, opposed an unconstitutional and newly proposed city ordinance requiring pregnancy centers, under the threat of...

Austin City Council Ignores Advice of Its Own Lawyers, Proposes Another Unconstitutional Pregnancy Ordinance

January 24, 2012
Topic: Legal , Pro-Life
AUSTIN, TX, January 24, 2012—Today, Liberty Institute, on behalf of three Austin, TX-area pregnancy resource centers submitted a comment letter to the Mayor, City Council members...

The Impact of Divorce on Children – Results of Recent Study

January 24, 2012
An overview of the negative impacts of divorce on children from a new groundbreaking study: 1. Children from divorced families died almost five years earlier than those from intact families....

Thousands March For Life in Dallas; Texas Rally for Life this Saturday in Austin

January 23, 2012
Topic: Pro-Life , Videos
What a fantastic March for Life Rally in downtown Dallas this past weekend! There was beautiful weather, thousands of people, and with recent victories like the...

Texas Sonogram Law Prevents Doctors From Banning Women From Seeing Sonogram

January 18, 2012
The Texas Sonogram law is now in full effect as of January 13, 2012, as ordered by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Yes, every abortion...

CTxPAC coming February 3rd and 4th – Register Today!

January 17, 2012
Topic: Elections , Update
Texans from all across the state will be convening in Austin, TX February 3-4, 2012 for the premier conservative grassroots event in the state, CTxPAC.   Liberty...

Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance-Thank The Texas State Board of Education!!

January 16, 2012
Topic: SBOE , Update
Martin Luther King, Jr. holds a prominent place in the Texas History and Social Studies curriculum standards.  That’s correct, MLK is one of the most discussed and studied persons in our...

Court: Texas Sonogram Law To Be Enforced Immediately

January 13, 2012
See the court’s order here.   5th Circuit Order 011312     See the Texas Attorney General’s request here.    State Motion for Mandate 011212 Thanks again to Texas Attorney General...

Watch Our Video on Texas Sonogram Case Victory!!

January 12, 2012 By the way, big thanks goes to Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell for doing an excellent job defending the Texas Sonogram...

Texas’ Sonogram Law Ruled Constitutional, Signaling Biggest Pro-Life Victory This Decade

January 10, 2012
U.S. Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Law Stating Sonograms Must Be Performed 24 Hours Before Abortions  AUSTIN, Texas, January 10, 2012 – Today, Liberty Institute announced a...