Texas Business Reps: We Support Privacy Protection

A list of businesspersons released this morning shows growing support for efforts to protect privacy in showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms in government buildings and public schools.

The list features Texas business representatives from many parts of the state and several fields of business and commerce. This new business list is in addition to a growing roster of leaders and organizations who support privacy, reaching an estimated 1 million Texans.

Full list of business individuals who support privacy protection can be found here.

Notable names on the list include business leaders from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Houston area, San Antonio, Central Texas, Midland-Odessa, and numerous other geographic areas of Texas. Business sectors include oil and gas, transportation, tourism, law, agriculture, commercial real estate, wealth management, personal safety and protection, sporting, and more.

Noteworthy supporters include Vince Puente, David Tauber, Brad Birdwell, Roger Elswick, Dick Saulsbury, Ben and Susan Taylor, Jim Granberry, Al Hartman, Jim Day, Patrick Von Dohlen, and many more.

“Legislative efforts to protect privacy actually protects the rights of businesses to make their own decisions about intimate facilities,” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values. “Claims that protecting privacy would harm the economy have been rated as ‘mostly false’ due to fuzzy math and hypotheticals that never came true. Nonetheless, it should be noted that many in the Texas business community, particularly small business operators, support efforts to protect privacy.”

The following leaders and entities have also voiced their support for Texas privacy legislation; Dana Hodges (Concerned Women of America of Texas), Trayce Bradford (Texas Eagle Forum); JoAnn Fleming (Grassroots America We The People); Dave Welch, Texas Pastor Council; Cindy Asmussen (Southern Baptist of Texas Convention); Kaeley Triller Haver, Hands Across the Aisle; Coalition of African American Pastors; Hispanic Action Pastor Network; Texas Right to Life; Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values; Texas Home School Coalition; San Antonio Family Association (SAFA), Stand for Fort Worth; Vision America; Family Research Council; FRC Action; Family Policy Alliance; Northeast Tarrant Tea Party; Center for the Preservation of American Ideals; Empower Texans; Drippings Springs Parents; and many more.


RELEASE: Texans Take To Airwaves To Protect Privacy In Showers, Restrooms, and Locker Rooms: https://txvalues.org/2017/07/31/texans-take-to-airwaves-to-protect-privacy-in-showers-restrooms-locker-rooms

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