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Veterans Day: Thank Our Veterans & Troops & Thank Conservative Texas State Board of Education For Keeping It Important in Social Studies

November 11, 2010
Topic: Update
During the Texas Social Studies battle, a misguided group of teachers recommended that Veterans Day be removed from some sections of k-12 social studies.  But they...

Texas Teacher Unions Endorse Political Candidates, But Claim Politics Shouldn’t Mix With Education

September 8, 2010
Topic: Update
Sounds like a double standard to me.  Texas State Teachers Association and American Federation of Teachers have endorsed Democrat State Representative, Solomon Ortiz, Jr.  These are the...

Texas Senator Slams Democrat Doggett for Playing Politics with Education

July 23, 2010
Topic: Update
See the article here.  More analysis to follow on Monday. http://www.texasinsider.org/?p=30573

Texas Rewrites History? Just State The Facts!

July 22, 2010
Topic: Update
We were at every Texas State Board of Education hearing on the Texas Social Studies issue.  So we set up a website so you can see...

“Texas Lawyer” Magazine: Kelly Shackelford, of Liberty Institute, named one of Top 25 Greatest Texas Attorneys for Past 25 Years

July 19, 2010
Our President and Chief Counsel of Liberty Institute, Kelly Shackelford has been named to a list of Top 25 Greatest Texas Attorneys for Past 25 Years.  He’s...

Texas Democratic State Convention Results in More False Information About Texas Social Studies Standards

July 2, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Click below, this video from the Texas Democratic Party state Convention. The misinformation continues on this video regarding Texas Social Studies.  Just one example, a woman...

Kagan, Liberals Reject The Experts, Stand Up To Medical Experts in Abortion Debate?

June 30, 2010
Topic: Pro-Life , SBOE , Update
The Austin liberals battle cry in the social studies debate and other education related issues has been “listen to the experts” and have continued their over...

Texas Social Studies Standards Released! What’s in Texas Social Studies Standards? Read the Texas Social Studies Standards Here

June 28, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
THE ACTUAL TEXT OF THE TEXAS SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!   They were released Friday, June 25th.  Every one has been wanting to see the...

Texas Social Studies Standards to be Released Today!! In Text Form for All To Read

June 25, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Now that the liberal media and left wing extremists have had their fun over the past month bashing the Texas social studies standards without having actually read them,...

Media Spotlight: Texas Social Studies Gives Slavery a More Prominent Role?

June 14, 2010
Topic: Update
The reporting on the Texas social studies should be a case study for every journalism student who takes an Ethics course.  We all know of the...