Fordham Institute Writers Get Defensive About Texas Social Studies Report

History News Network is now being used to push back against us on our calling out of Fordham Institute’s flawed criticism of Texas Social Studies standards.

Writers on this site say we twisted their words, etc.    The truth is, they just can’t handle that it was their own exact words that we used to undermine their study (see their recent response here and our response below ).

Yet, they still engage in the same advocacy rhetoric, sounding nothing like an objective “think tank”.  Here are their actual words this time:  And, like all conspiracy theorists, they twist our factual findings beyond recognition, putting ridiculous words into our mouths and denouncing all contrary arguments as malicious “lies.”

Special attention to the exaggerated phrases used by Fordham Institute: “ they twist our factual findings beyond recognition”.  Our response: Fordham Institute’s factual findings were easy to recognize and we easily pointed them out as false, with their distortion and misstatements about slavery issue as one simple example.

Next: “putting ridiculous words into our mouths”.  Our response: we used their exact words, a method that Fordham Institute was unwilling to do themselves, as they used exaggerated and inaccurate versions of our Texas Social Studies standards, instead of just presenting people with the actual text of such standards.

Last, we never used the word “malicious” when responding to Fordham Institute’s flawed advocacy piece.

Once again, on the issue of Texas Social Studies, just state the facts, or run the risk of being embarrassed when a Texas group sets the record straight.

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