Texas Social Studies Are Strong: Just State The Facts!

In May of 2010, the Texas State Board of Education  (SBOE) adopted a final version of curriculum standards for Social Studies.  Yes, that was eight months ago.  Still, a few groups and individuals are still using incorrect information to criticize the nine (9) Republican members of the SBOE that voted in favor of the standards. 

You can find the actual details and content of the Texas Social Studies standards at www.juststatethefacts.com

One of those Republicans that voted for the final Social Studies standards is Bob Craig, considered a moderate by the media, liberal groups, and probably himself.  Some even say Republican Pat Hardy is not a part of the “conservative bloc.”  Ms. Hardy also voted for the final version of the Social Studies standards.  Conservatives picked up a likely member in Republican Charlie Garza, and Marsha Farney likes to be known as an independent conservative.

Result, Democrats lost a seat, down from 5 to 4.  Republicans picked up a seat, up from 10 to 11, and added another conservative seat,while losing one conseravtive seat. (McLeroy loss to Thomas Ratliff).

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