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Texas School District Dumps Drug-Based Sex Education, Keeps Abstinence

November 16, 2012
Austin, TX, November 16, 2012— Late yesterday, Round Rock I.S.D. became the latest Texas school district to backtrack on a recommendation that the school start teaching...

Planned Parenthood & Texas Freedom Network Team Up to Push Drug-Based Sex Education;Business As Usual

March 8, 2011
Topic: Update
Planned Parenthood and Texas Freedom Network teamed up today to promote drug-based sex education by supporting legislation that attacks abstinence and requires school to teach about...

Texas Speaker Joe Straus & Planned Parenthood: Straus Recieved Money From Planned Parenthood in 2008: Documentation Here

December 2, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
See the document attached, page 12. StrausPlannedParenthoodPACcontribution Have you called your State House member and asked he/she to vote for a true conservative speaker of the...

Abstinence Works: Texas Teen Birth Rate Down In Texas, Since 1991, 2000, Rate Down Nationally

July 28, 2010
Topic: Update
A new report confirms that Texas Teen Birth Rate is lower since 2000.  The report indicates that Texas’ teen birth rate has improved 7 percent, since...