Stop Radical Sex Ed in Texas, Join a SBOE Workgroup

Texas Values is urging all healthcare professionals and school teachers to join us in standing for children and sign up to be on a workgroup with the State Board of Education. The Texas State Board of Education needs more healthcare professionals and educators to be on the workgroups which are currently reviewing the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Health Education. The TEKS for Health Education include sex education and leftist groups like Planned Parenthood and Texas Freedom Network have already begun urging their supporters to overwhelm the workgroups and promote radical sex-ed which indoctrinates children in the LGBT lifestyle, gender identity politics, and abortion.

The role of the workgroup is very important. The workgroup will review the standards written by content advisors and they have authority to add or subtract content from the TEKS that will be presented to the State Board of Education in June for final review. The workgroup has a lot of influence as their recommendations will be sent to the Board members before the Board votes on the standards for 5.4 million Texas public school students.

This review process is already underway and the Texas Education Agency needs to see more applicants who believe in family values and have either healthcare or education backgrounds. They are currently taking applications and the next workgroup is scheduled to meet soon! For more about the role of a workgroup member, visit here.

Please contact our office right away if you would like to be on a workgroup! Please send your information and resume or CV to

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