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Texas House Could Pass Sonogram Bill Today!

March 2, 2011
Topic: Update
Today, the Texas House of Representatives will hear HB 15, the sonogram bill filed by Rep. Sid Miller, which was passed out of committee last week. ...

House Committee Hearing on Sonogram Bills

February 23, 2011
Topic: Update
4:55 p.m. HB 15 passes 9-3, now headed to Calendars Committee. 4:45 p.m. Rep. Sid Miller is now discussion his sonogram bill, HB 15. 4:05 p.m....

Social Studies Revisions: Religious Heritage, Independence Day Out?

July 15, 2009
Topic: Update
Non-elected member of writing teams are considering changes to Social Studies curriculim which is up for review this year and next year, before the State Board...

ACTION ALERT! House Sponsor, Rep. Jerry Madden, Expects Veto; Coalition Letter to Gov. Perry: Protect Children & Parents, VETO SB 1440

June 16, 2009
Topic: Update
SB 1440, which is an unconstitutional attack on children and parental rights as a result of a drastic 4 page amendment on the last days of the session, has still...

2009 Texas Legislative Session Summary

June 11, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here for our summary. http://txvalues.org/2009/06/04/texas-legislatve-session-summary-taxes-rejected-family-values-protected/

Texas Legislative Session Summary: Taxes Rejected, Family Values Protected

June 4, 2009
Topic: Update
             From the front lines of the Texas Legislature:  Despite a change in D.C. and a more liberal coup in the Texas House (which helped many...

Urgent Action Needed! McLeroy, Choose Life Plate, Ultrasound Votes!!

May 24, 2009
Topic: Update
Call YOUR STATE SENATOR NOW AND  ASK HE/SHE TO : SUPPORT DON MCLEROY FOR SBOE CHAIRMAN-he’s been under attack by one Austin fringe group for his personal...


May 22, 2009
Topic: Update
UPDATE 8:35 P.M.  SHOCKING!!-Senate Committee just voted in favor of HB 824, 5-3.  Vote Yes: Sen. Carona, Sen. Ellis, Sen. Van de Putte, Sen.  Duncan, Sen. Lucio.  ...

Action Alert!! We Need Calls/Emails: Religion, Babies, & Taxes!!

May 21, 2009
Topic: Update
1.  Don McLeroy, State Board of Education member, needs your help to be CONFIRMED as chairman of the SBOE, which requires a 2/3rds of the 31...

Action Alert-Sex Ed Vote!! Attack on Abstinence Showdown Moved to Wednesday!

May 17, 2009
Topic: Update
Vote on SB 283 is postponed until Wednesday, May 20th, 10 a.m.-MORE TIME TO MAKE YOUR CALLS TO YOUR TEXAS STATE HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE, ASK HE/SHE TO...