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Video: Liberal Distortion Campaign Targets Texas History Books

September 18, 2014
A liberal, anti-Christian group is attempting to stir up media controversy (again) at the State Board of Education over the adoption of History textbooks based on...

Texas Runoff: Don’t Forget About SBOE Races

July 30, 2012
Topic: Elections , SBOE , Update
There are two races that remain in the Republican primary for State Board of Education seats, for tomorrow’s Runoff Election that deserves your attention before you go...

Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance-Thank The Texas State Board of Education!!

January 16, 2012
Topic: SBOE , Update
Martin Luther King, Jr. holds a prominent place in the Texas History and Social Studies curriculum standards.  That’s correct, MLK is one of the most discussed and studied persons in our...

Veterans Day Teaching in Texas Public Schools Protected by Texas State Board Of Education, Religious Liberty Prevails over Federal Gov’t in Houston

November 11, 2011
Veterans & Their Families Protected in Texas by Liberty Institute:  At Liberty Institute we were honored to win a huge religious liberty case in Houston at...

Catch Liberty Institute at the Texas Tribune Festival on Sunday debating the SBOE

September 23, 2011
Topic: SBOE , Update
Liberty Institute’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Jonathan Saenz will speak this weekend at the Texas Tribune Festival.  The Festival is a weekend of debate, discussion and...

Rep. Wayne Christian Interview on SBOE, Abortion Funding

July 25, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , SBOE
As part of our continued coverage of the recently completed legislative session, we will be releasing a series of sit down interviews we did with key conservative...

“Moderate” Republican Supports Texas Social Studies/History Standards, Gail Lowe For SBOE Chair

March 30, 2011
Topic: SBOE , Update
In a special article today in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, State Board of Education Member, Pat Hardy writes in support of the texas social studies standards...