Remember the Alamo? It’s Back. #SaveOurHistory

Bible and constitution (620-240)

Remember back in September when the State Board of Education (SBOE) considered taking the “heroic” defenders of the Alamo, William B Travis’s letter, and numerous references to our Judeo-Christian heritage from Texas History Standards? Texas Values was able to defend these important parts of our history during the preliminary votes early in September. On Tuesday, November 13th, the SBOE will be discussing the finalized draft of history standards. The final vote will take place on Friday. We need your help to ensure history and religious freedom in Texas schools are protected!

At their last meeting, the State Board put back many of the historic and religious freedom history standards in Texas. Before the meeting, an unelected working group tried to remove key elements of the history standards including the word “heroic” in the description of the Alamo defenders in Texas school curriculum.

Other outrageous recommendations from the working group included removing all references to our Judeo-Christian heritage, including Moses, the role Christianity played in the American founding, any religious motive for the establishment of the 13 English Colonies, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and many, many more. These recommendations were a full frontal attack not only on Texas history but American history!

Texas Values was on the leading edge of the fight to #SaveOurHistory and we were able to gain many important victories, but the work is from over.

View all the recommended changes here.

In order to ensure that good standards STAY IN, Texans need to speak up! The meeting begins Tuesday, November 13 at 9 AM, and we need you to sign up to testify at the meeting and directly contact your SBOE member today.

Many of these recommendations seem to come directly from a report by a liberal, anti-religious freedom organization – Texas Freedom Network – which has long sought to rewrite Texas’ history books by attacking our Judeo-Christian heritage and its impact on our laws, government, and founding.

Texas Values will be testifying at next week’s meeting. We ask you to join us in the fight to #SaveOurHistory.

  1. Contact your SBOE member and tell them you support our religious heritage and reject these shameful attacks to rewrite history Click here to find your SBOE member.
  2. Sign up to testify with us at the meeting. Please see signup instructions below. Deadline to sign up to testify is 5 PM Monday, November 12th. Even if you can’t testify, please plan on attending the meeting which begins at 9 AM November 13th, at the William B. Travis Building located at 1701 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. We need all the support we can get.
    • You must sign up at this link to offer testimony
    • Click the link at the bottom
    • Enter your information
    • Under Committee, chose “Full Board”
    • Then chose agenda item #1
    • Paste this in Agenda Item Title: Proposed Revisions to 19 TAC Chapter 113, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies, and Proposed Repeal of 19 TAC Chapter 118, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits (Second Reading and Final Adoption)
    • The “Date Agenda Item is to be Presented” is November 13th
    • Your Position should be “For”
    • Enter Today’s date
    • You’re Done!
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