Texas Runoff: Don’t Forget About SBOE Races

There are two races that remain in the Republican primary for State Board of Education seats, for tomorrow’s Runoff Election that deserves your attention before you go to the ballot box.

Tom Maynard (maynardfortexas.com) and Rebecca Osborne (rebeccaosborne.com),  are on the ballot for the central Texas SBOE seat, which includes North Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Temple, Bastrop, and areas east, northeast, and northwest of Austin.  Tom Maynard and Rebecca Osborne both have significant classroom teaching experience.  You can find Tom Maynard’s answers to our voters’ guide questions at www.freevotersguide.com.  Rebecca Osborne refused to respond to our voters’ guide, even after she made the runoff.

Tom Maynard’s endorsements are listed here and he has the support of eight current Republican State Board of Education members, including the SBOE member who is vacating this seat.  Rebecca Osborne’s endorsements, which include city council members and others can be found here.

Geraldine “Tincy” Miller and Gail Spurlock face off for the Republican SBOE seat for areas including North Dallas, and all of Collin County.  Miller and Spurlock have both answered our voters’ guide questions at www.freevotersguide.com.  Both have endorsements by conservative political heavyweights.  Miller has the support of some elected officials while Spurlock has the support of some tea party groups.

On the Democratic ticket, Ruben Cortez and Celeste Sanchez compete for the nomination for the SBOE seat vacated by Mary Helen Berlanga, widely considered the most liberal member of the State Board of Education who made it her crusade to have the known socialist, Dolores Huerta, taught as a hero for our young children to model their life after.

Cortez has used liberal talking points resurrected from the SBOE battles about the teaching of the history and social studies in the classroom and he clearly did not agree with the result that 2/3rds of the voting SBOE members supported.  Cortez says he wants to “keep politics out of the classroom” but seems to be enjoying the endorsements of the SEIU and the NEA, both groups which are well known for their union ties and political weight.  So much for Ruben Cortez keeping politics out of the classroom. Sanchez touts her 45 years of education experience and leadership in the local area.

Make your decision and go vote!

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