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Texas Sonogram Law Prevents Doctors From Banning Women From Seeing Sonogram

January 18, 2012
The Texas Sonogram law is now in full effect as of January 13, 2012, as ordered by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Yes, every abortion...

Court: Texas Sonogram Law To Be Enforced Immediately

January 13, 2012
See the court’s order here.   5th Circuit Order 011312     See the Texas Attorney General’s request here.    State Motion for Mandate 011212 Thanks again to Texas Attorney General...

Texas’ Sonogram Law Ruled Constitutional, Signaling Biggest Pro-Life Victory This Decade

January 10, 2012
U.S. Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Law Stating Sonograms Must Be Performed 24 Hours Before Abortions  AUSTIN, Texas, January 10, 2012 – Today, Liberty Institute announced a...

Texas Sonogram Law Ruled Constitutional

January 10, 2012
Breaking News — Texas Sonogram law ruled constitutional! The Fifth Circuit Court (Edith Jones opinion) holds recently enacted Texas Sonogram law constitutional. The Fifth Circuit reversed Judge...

Sonogram Bill Goes Before 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Today

January 4, 2012
Today, the Sonogram Bill (HB 15) will go before the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.  The State of Texas will be seeking...

Liberty Institute Files Brief to Support Sonogram Bill, On Behalf of Sen. Dan Patrick, Rep. Sid Miller

November 4, 2011
Today, on behalf of Texas Senator Dan Patrick and Texas Representative Sid Miller, Liberty Institute filed an amicus brief the in appeal of the preliminary injunction...

Senator Dan Patrick and Rep. Sid Miller interviewed on Texas Legislative Session

September 12, 2011
As part of our continued coverage of the recently completed legislative session, we will be releasing a series of sit down interviews with key conservative legislators that...

Texas Legislators Stand for Sonogram Law

August 5, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
Today, on behalf of Texas Senator Dan Patrick and Texas Representative Sid Miller, Liberty Institute filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit seeking to strike down...

Governor signs Sonogram Bill at Signing Ceremony; Most Significant Pro-Life Bill In Over Ten Years

May 24, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
At a signing ceremony moments ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the pro-life sonogram bill, HB 15, into law. Liberty Institute helped lead the charge...

Vote on Sonogram Bill in the Senate expected this week

April 26, 2011
Topic: Update
The Texas Senate is expected to vote on the Sonogram Bill (CSHB 15) this week.  Now is a critical time to contact your State Senator. Please...