Senate Privacy Vote Expected Today; Support Continues to Grow

As the Texas Senate gavels today, it is expected to approve legislation to protect privacy, it is important to consider the popular support for the bill across Texas.

SB 3, authored by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, keeps men out of girls’ showers, restrooms, and locker rooms in schools and government buildings. Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz said during this debate our elected representatives must keep in mind the will of the electorate.

“Contrary to what you see in media portrayals of the issue, legislation to protect privacy has the support of an overwhelming number of those who voted our state Senators into office,” Saenz said. “Time and time again, false narratives have been proven false. Texans want local government transparency and their rights to protected, and they want it now.”

Saenz pointed to the following facts to show popular support for SB 3:

  • Polling has continued to show that a majority of Texans support legislation protecting privacy in our showers, locker rooms, restrooms, and changing areas.
  • In Houston – the only instance in Texas where voters have had the opportunity to decide the issue at the ballot box – voters supported keeping men out of girls bathrooms by a vote of 61-39 percent. On Friday, the Senate State Affairs committee passed SB 3 by a bipartisan vote of 8-1, with Democrat Senator Eddie Lucio supporting.
  • Last session’s Texas Privacy Act passed the Senate by a bipartisan vote of 21-10 after receiving robust debate in committee and on the Senate floor.
  • Privacy legislation originating by Rep. Ron Simmons in the Texas House gathered 80 supporters out of 150 legislators: a supermajority of elected state Representatives, though House leadership did not allow the bill to leave the State Affairs Committee. Rep. Ron Simmons has authored HB 46 on this issue in the special session.
  • More than 700 pastors and a growing number of businesses and organizations have called on the Texas Legislature to protect privacy.
  • States that have protected privacy are among the most prosperous in the United States, including North Carolina which, after passing HB 2, continued to be No. 2 in the nation for business activity.

Some noteworthy supporters of SB 3 from Friday’s committee hearing include:

  • Cindy Asmussen; Ethics and Religious Liberty Advisor (Southern Baptist of Texas Convention)
  • Superintendent David Thweat; Harrold ISD (Texas)
  • Trayce Bradford; Texas Eagle Forum
  • Sunny Cardenas Nikki Kelton; parents in the Dripping Springs community (voiceless, the forgotten)
  • Kaeley Triller Haver; Co-Founder (Hands Across the Aisle Women’s Coalition)
  • Dana Hodges; State Director (Concerned Women for America of Texas)
  • Trey Holcomb; State Republican Executive Committee, SD3 (Republican Party of Texas)
  • Jonathan Saenz, Nicole Hudgens; Texas Values Action
  • Jeremy Newman; Texas Home School Coalition
  • Dave Robbins; Concerned Christian Citizens
  • Gary Rodenbaugh; Business Owner, Rodenbaugh’s Flooring America and Appliances
  • Susan Rodriguez; Center for Preservation of American Ideals
  • Pastor Rick Scarborough; Founder, Vision America
  • Angela Smith; Fredericksburg Tea Party
  • Dave Welch; Texas Pastor Council Action
  • Coalition of African American Pastors
  • Family Research Council
  • Family Policy Alliance
  • American Family Association

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