Saenz to Courts: Respect Will of Texans By Upholding Entire Dismemberment Abortion Ban

U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel has postponed the implementation of the key portion of SB 8, the dismemberment abortion ban bill, which is scheduled to go into effect today, Sept. 1.

Yeakel’s order delays until Sept. 14 the ban on dilation and evacuation abortions — by which abortionists use surgical instruments to grab and remove parts of an unborn baby’s body from the womb, killing him or her. Another hearing is set for that date.

Said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values:

“Banning dismemberment abortions was a deliberative and well-researched act of both chambers of the Texas Legislature and the Governor. Abortion by dismemberment has become the most common method of abortion in the second trimester, and the People of Texas, through their elected representatives, decided to put a stop to it. The courts need to respect the will of the People in eliminating this barbaric act that ends innocent life by one of the most gruesome methods imaginable.”

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