Parents to Dripping Springs ISD On Bathroom Issue: We’re Back and We Won’t Back Down

Last night, parents packed the Dripping Springs Independent School District (ISD) board meeting for a Public Forum to express their concerns after local parents discovered that Dripping Springs ISD is allowing male students to go into girls’ bathrooms. Many of those parents who testified are upset because they were not notified of this decision by school district administration. The parents also strongly voiced their concern for the privacy and dignity of all students and expressed their opposition to allowing children to go into the restroom of the opposite sex. The rogue District Superintendent Dr. Bruce Gearing and the School Board have not publicly discussed the issue and the Board has never taken a vote on the decision.

One mother spoke on behalf of children who are victims of sexual assault and explained how being in the restroom with the opposite sex triggers a child’s trauma.

“If our children are being forced to share a restroom with [children of the opposite sex], our rights, and beliefs, and morals are compromised” said one father.

The father of a 4th grader stated, “The wisest thing is for the Board to put the issue on the agenda…and involve the parents.”

After so many parents told the School Board that they wanted the issue to be added to the agenda to be discussed publicly, the School Board President stated the School Board would discuss putting the issue on the agenda. The Board previously had refused to add the item to the agenda.

Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values, stated “Parents in Dripping Springs ISD deserve to be heard and the District must be held accountable for their actions. Parents should be notified and a part of the discussion before a decision like this is made. These parents, specifically those who have contacted our office, are concerned about the privacy and dignity of all children and we stand with them.”

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