Open Records Reveal Drag Queens Shocker: Worried about Criminal Record and Stayed at School for 10 hours

Austin, Texas – As previously reported, Texas Values submitted an open records request to Austin and Willis Independent School Districts (ISD) after reports of drag queens being allowed on campus. The results are in and should be concerning to parents and administrators.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values said “Schools should be a safe space for students to learn and not a stage for adult entertainers. School safety rules and professional cosmetic standards should not be ignored just because an invited guest promotes a teacher’s political soapbox.”

In the documents released to Texas Values, it was discovered that David Richardson, a.k.a. ‘Miss Kitty Litter ATX’ texted Blackshear Elementary School librarian Roger Grape that he was concerned whether or not he would pass the school background check. ‘Miss Kitty Litter’ texted, “So the guidelines for submission automatically disqualify me if the deferred adjudication for prostitution is considered a conviction . . . so I don’t know if ethical to submit.”

Richardson, the drag queen, is referring to his arrest and conviction of a Class B Misdemeanor charge for Prostitution. According to emails sent to parents the reading event was scheduled to take place at 11 am and all readers had been screened by Austin ISD Partners in Education. However according to school records, Robinson a.k.a. ‘Miss Kitty Litter ATX’ was at Blackshear Elementary School for an extremely long period of time from 7:25 a.m. until 2:11 p.m. It remains unclear why Richardson required such an extended period of time at the school, and why he was allowed to pass the screening with a prior criminal conviction.

While dressed in drag, Richardson also failed to wear an identifying name tag as required by school policy. ‘Miss Kitty Litter ATX’ was allowed to read LGBTQ affirming books called “Julian is a Mermaid” and “Red: A Crayon’s Story” in the school library to 10-year-olds.  A Blackshear Elementary School parent contacted the Principal prior to the event and voiced their disagreement with having a drag queen read to students, but the school did not cancel the event and instead separated the child from his classmates during the presentation.

In Willis ISD, a drag queen stage named ‘Lynn Adonis’ visited a cosmetology class as a guest speaker. Records reveal the real of ‘Lynn Adonis’ is Jerred Bridges. The school check-in system reveals that Bridges was at Willis High School for a total of 10 hours, checking in at 7:03 a.m. and scanning out of the system at 5:19 p.m. Jerred Bridges spent more than twice as much time in the high school that day compared to other visitors.

According to an email from the Willis High School cosmetology teacher, the teacher concedes to the fact that Jerred Bridges is an entertainer and not a licensed cosmetologist. Jerred Bridges was allowed to make physical contact with students by applying makeup to them, despite having no license to do so.


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