Government Refuses To Apologize to Texas Grandmother, Complaint Filed For Calling “Vote the Bible” Shirt Offensive

Texas Values Assists Kay Hill In Filing Complaint with Texas Secretary of State

Is this offensive?Austin, TX, November 2, 2012–During early voting last week, a Texas grandmother in Williamson County was told her “Vote the Bible” t-shirt “may be offensive,” and she was prevented from voting until she covered up the words on her shirt. Texas Values assisted Ms. Hill in asking Williamson County to end this unfair policy immediately and also requested that Williamson County issue an apology to Ms. Hill by 5:00 p.m. yesterday, with Election Day only days away.

Williamson County government officials refused to apologize and have harshly responded to her request, stating “officials won’t apologize,” and Rick Barron, Williamson County Election Administrator, has now reduced himself to name-calling, saying that Ms. Hill is “politically naive.”

“I was told by an election worker that my “Vote the Bible” shirt “may be offensive.” That’s the only reason I was given when my shirt was banned and I was initially prevented from voting,” said Kay Hill. “I felt very embarrassed, humiliated, and offended myself. I don’t think it’s right if they were to do it to anyone else.”

“We are disappointed that Williamson County officials would continue their mistreatment of Ms. Hill. First calling her Bible t-shirt “offensive” and now personally calling her names,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values. “The County had an opportunity to do the right thing and apologize, but now Ms. Hill is left with no choice but to file her complaint with the Secretary of State’s office.”

Texas Values has assisted Ms. Hill in filing a formal complaint with the Texas Secretary of State’s office regarding this matter.

View a video of Ms. Hill sharing her story.

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