VICTORY! Pro-Life Freedom of Speech Upheld by Texas Supreme Court

Today the Texas Supreme Court (TXSC) ruled favorably for pro-life and freedom of speech, dismissing defamation suits by abortion organizations.

Alert! Senate State Affairs Will Hear Bill to Protect Religious Liberty for Attorneys

SB 559 by Senator Bryan Hughes would ensure that no attorney seeking a law license or renewal of a law license will be denied based on...

Alert: Christians Banned from Christmas Parade in the City of Taylor

Taylor, TX City Council will meet to discuss a policy that essentially bans Christians from being part of city-sponsored events including Christmas parades.

“Merry Christmas” Project Educates About First Amendment Rights

Every year we see efforts by government or hostile groups that participate in a “war on Christmas” to limit or ban references to Christmas in public...

Federal Court Stops Biden Administration’s Attempt to Redefine Title IX

Today’s victory in federal court states one simple fact: the Biden administration cannot redefine sex.

Back to School: Know Your Rights

Many schools across Texas are heading back to school, and it’s important for students and parents to know their rights in public school. As a parent,...