Austin ISD Adopts Radical Sex Education, Opens Government Up to Legal Attacks

Austin, Texas – After the overwhelming majority of local residents testified against Austin ISD’s new radical sex education curriculum, the elected Austin ISD school board voted to formally adopt a radical, hypersexualized and potentially illegal sex education curriculum that was imported, in part, from Canada. 126 people had signed up to testify and testimony lasted until after midnight. This new curriculum promotes a Leftist ideology that is in direct conflict with traditional views on sexuality, marriage, family, and even biological facts by encouraging sexual activity and normalizing unhealthy sexual behaviors to children at a very young age. Not only does the curriculum promote homosexuality and gender confusion, but it condemns any opposition to these ideologies.

Texas Values held a press conference earlier in the day with issue experts, concerned parents, and pastors from the Austin area and were verbally attacked by members of the LGBTQ community. One transgender individual was arrested. Opponents of the curriculum were repeatedly harassed throughout the night, including one parent whose testimony was cut short because of “intolerant language” when she asked the board if they would be allowing drag queens into the classroom under this curriculum.

David Walls, Vice President of Texas Values, and a parent in Austin ISD said:

“This vote by the Austin ISD Board sends a clear message: people of faith and traditional moral values are not welcome in Austin ISD. By passing this curriculum, Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust that parents put in their children’s schools. Austin ISD parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that weaponizes education to indoctrinate children into the LGBT political movement.”

Some examples of the radical nature of this curriculum include:

  1. Prohibits kids from using the words “mother” and “father” to describe their parents. One resource in the curriculum advises students to not call the person who gave birth to them their “birth mother”.
  2. Introduces sexual orientation and gender identity concepts to children as young as third grade. Kids will play a sexuality match game with terms like “bisexual”, “gay”, “lesbian”, and “homophobia”.
  3. Curriculum has scenario where an underage girl enters into a sexual relationship with an adult that she hides from her parents.
  4. Teaches kids to denounce those who do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda and advises them to attend “Pride” parades.

More examples exposing the radical nature of this curriculum  can be found in a presentation we have put together. View the presentation.

Over 7,000 concerned citizens has signed our petition against the curriculum at


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