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Don’t Delay Social Studies Vote Until January 2011, says Statesman Article

April 30, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Jason Embry writes for the AAS on this social studies issue, showing how he disagrees with candidate Bill White’s and the ACLU’s cry to have the...

Video-Texas Social Studies/History Update: Mexican American Legislative Caucus Comes Under Fire For “Special Hearing”

April 30, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update , Videos
Click here  for Texas Social Studies/Action steps.  email us at [email protected] if you want to testify at the final hearing on this issue on May 19th. Click...

Professor Admits: Jefferson, Marshall, Religious Balance in Texas Social Studies, Don’t Delay Final Vote

April 29, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Click here for Social Studies/History action steps. Professor Jesus F. de la Teja, a history professor from Texas State University who has been anointed by the...

Mexican American Legislative Caucus: Public Not Welcome at Social Studies Hearing

April 28, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
The level of hypocrisy could not be any higher. Click here to see the full video of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) hearing on the Texas...

We Support Final Approval of Texas Social Studies Standards

April 27, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
ACTION STEPS:   Click here for a version you can download and print. ?       Email the SBOE your support for: (1) the social studies standards adopted in...

Texas Professor: SBOE, Texas Social Studies Criticism “Overblown” & “False”

April 27, 2010
Topic: Update
WALL STREET JOURNAL OPINION: APRIL 27, 2010 Is Texas Messing With History? Criticisms of the state’s proposed new school curriculum are overblown. By DAVID UPHAM For several...

Social Studies Update: Professor Wants Neil Armstrong & Alexander Graham Bell Out, Pro-Abortion Group (NOW) In

April 22, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Click here for link to update social studies standards released last week as voted on and approved, 10-5 (10 Republicans v. 5 Democrats), by the Texas State...

ACLU Wants to Silence Your Voice, Wants its Version of Religious “Freedom” in Social Studies

April 21, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
First they wanted to remove Christmas – rejected. Then they wanted to kick out Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, and some references to Veterans’ Day and Independence...

Activist Judge, Homosexual Couple Force Their “Morality” on Texans

April 20, 2010
Tomorrow, the Dallas Court of Appeals will hear arguments regarding a homosexual divorce. Our attorneys of Liberty Institute will present arguments along side the Texas Attorney...

Pro-Abortion Law in Austin Funded by New York Group, Plans for More Cities

April 16, 2010
Topic: Update
See bottom of page for New York funding group, National Institute of Reproductive Health. “Our plan is to replicate this effort in cities across the...