Video-Texas Social Studies/History Update: Mexican American Legislative Caucus Comes Under Fire For “Special Hearing”

Click here  for Texas Social Studies/Action steps.  email us at [email protected] if you want to testify at the final hearing on this issue on May 19th.

Click here to see the full video of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus hearing on the Texas social studies issue.  If you fast forward to the last minute of the video, you can see the dispute and confrontation take place reagrding MALC’s denial of my testimony.  I walked to the back of the room to talk to “Marty” who is either a legislative staff member for Rep. Martinez Fischer or a Mexican American Legislative Caucus staff person, not sure. 

This video has some staggering information.  Overall it seems very clear that the many of the House members present have a political agenda.  They want to delay the final social studies vote until next January 2011, because they think they have a chance to get more liberal State Board of Education members elected this November, and then chance the social standards to their liking.

 Houston Chronicle covers the convtroversy now taking place over the appropriateness of athe hearing.

The Mexican American Legislative Caucus has called into question whether or not the SBOE has exceeded the limits of its power and authority.  Now the Republican Party of Texas is calling into question whether or  not the MALC has exceeded the limits of their own power and authority. Click here for full release by RPT.

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