Professor Admits: Jefferson, Marshall, Religious Balance in Texas Social Studies, Don’t Delay Final Vote

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Professor Jesus F. de la Teja, a history professor from Texas State University who has been anointed by the liberal left as the “expert”,  dropped some major bombs yesterday when he was invited to speak at the “invitation only” (see below) Mexican American Legislative Caucus hearing on Texas social studies.  I’ll admit, we have been critical of Professor de le Teja at times, so his comments yesterday were very interesting and surprising.

Professor de la Teja began by stating that the State Board of Education is doing what they are statutorily allowed to do (as he understands it).

Professor de le Teja admitted that Thomas Jefferson, Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, Irma Rangel, Dolores Huerta and many other were all in the standards and that reports about their alleged omission were incorrect and have had a negative impact on this process.  He admitted that minorities and women are covered fairly.  He also admitted that the coverage of religion was acceptable and there was no evidence of an imbalance in the amount of references to Christianity.  (I bet the ACLU and Austin liberals were not happy to hear a “credentialed” professor make this point). (Click here to see the ACLU’s attempt to take away your voice at the SBOE).

He even admitted to me that probably the best thing to do now, is to propose content changes now, and to take a final vote at the May 2010 State Board of Education meetings and work on changing the “process” thereafter.

Very interesting from a “credentialed” historian.

By the way, Professor de le Teja has decided not to sign the “Professor Letter” that the media has been covering like a blanket (click here to see letter).  Professor de la Teja is the “State Historian of Texas”, so his decision regarding this letter is very relevant.

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