Monthly Archives: July 2009

“Divorce takes health toll that remarriage can’t heal”

July 31, 2009
Topic: Update
Click here to see comments on results from a recent study on marriage and the effects of divorce, as published in the Journal of Health and Social...

National Healthcare Debate Brings to Mind Dangerous Texas Legislative Healthcare Efforts

July 29, 2009
Topic: Update
As Texas and the nation focus in on the national health care issue, the talk of protecting health care providers from being forced to violate their...

Stop the Abortion Mandate!! Stop Planned Parenthood Funding by Taxpayers!! Live Webcast Tomorrow!!

July 22, 2009
Topic: Update
Tomorrow, on Thursday, July 23rd, a live webcast will take place at 8 p.m. Central.  You’ll remember we informed you that Planned Parenthood was busted in...

Hate Crimes Law for Sexual Orientation and Transgender Persons Passes U.S. Senate

July 17, 2009
Topic: Update
This new form of special protection for sexual orientation and for actual or perceived “gender identity” , “identity” which could change from one day to the...

“‘Conservative and Right-Wing B******s’ Are After the NEA”

July 15, 2009
Topic: Update
The “conservative and right-wing b******s” comment was made by outgoing National Education Association (NEA) general counsel, Bob Chanin.  This comment was made during a recent annual...

Social Studies Revisions: Religious Heritage, Independence Day Out?

July 15, 2009
Topic: Update
Non-elected member of writing teams are considering changes to Social Studies curriculim which is up for review this year and next year, before the State Board...

SBOE Announcement!! Gov. Perry Appoints Conservative to SBOE Chair

July 10, 2009
Topic: Update
Update: Opposition is in full panic mode:  I don’t like to say “I told you so”, but the usual small group of Austin critics are already unleashing their...

Action Item: Religious Discrimination for SBOE Chairman Position Continues

July 8, 2009
Topic: Update
The new SBOE chairman, to replace Don McLeroy-who was ousted by only 11 (all Democrats) of 31 Texas Senators, has not yet been named, and the religious...

Austin Tea Party Tomorrow-FMF to Speak Along With Joe the Plumber

July 2, 2009
Topic: Update Click here for more details. FMF Director Legislative Affairs, Jonathan Saenz (yours truly), will have a speaking slot tomorrow at the Austin Tea Party.  Joe the...