“‘Conservative and Right-Wing B******s’ Are After the NEA”

The “conservative and right-wing b******s” comment was made by outgoing National Education Association (NEA) general counsel, Bob Chanin.  This comment was made during a recent annual convention in California.

The NEA voted on a resolution to support so-called “same-sex”  marriage or whatever similar institution as termed by the particular state.

The NEA voted to support the repeal of federal and state laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act, and state laws such as constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

The NEA also voted to support transgender persons receiving special rights. (gender identity and expression).

This is a clear signal of what the NEA wants to teach your children here in Texas.  Don’t be surprised if these types of out-of-mainstream, radical ideas get pushed in front of the State Board of Education.

You’ll recall, the transgender community, for example, will demand public bathrooms where were boys can use the girls bathroom and vice versa.  They’ll almost certainly make such request for our elementary and secondary public schools if such transgendar special rights policies are adopted by state or local policy.

See here for more details https://txvalues.org/2009/04/10/will-texas-transgendergender-expression-identity-bill-lead-to-abathroom-bill/

NEA adoption details  http://www.nea.org/grants/33354.htm

Click here to see origin of b******s comment (contains expletives). http://onenewsnow.com/Education/Default.aspx?id=603580

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