Justice Served: City of Austin to Pay $480,000, Loses Court Case Against Faith-Based Nonprofit Centers

Austin, TX, August 27, 2015 – The City of Austin will pay  $480,000 in attorney fees and court costs to settle a case by local pro-life pregnancy resource centers that won a ruling in federal court that a city ordinance that targeted the centers was unconstitutional. The court case played out over nearly four years, beginning...

Will Texas Capitulate to Anti-Family Advocates and Remove “Mother” and “Father”?

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to redefine marriage, efforts to completely redefine parenthood altogether continue to grow. Just this week in Tennessee, the...

Video: Highlights from The Texas Response Event

This past Tuesday, hundreds gathered at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen for the Texas Response: Pastors, Marriage, & Religious Freedom event. Texas Values hosted the...

New Video Exposes Planned Parenthood’s Barbaric Practices in Texas

Today the fifth Planned Parenthood video from the Center for Medical Progress hit close to home. The video highlights the Director of Research at the Texas...
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Pro-life Success, Marriage and Religious Freedom Updates

May 29, 2015
Pro-Life Judicial Bypass Reform Passes, Insurance Reform Dies

An important pro-life bill supported by Texas Values Action, HB 3994 sponsored by Rep. Geanie Morrison and Sen. Charles Perry, passed the Texas Senate this week. The bill has a final procedural step in the House and then will be headed to Governor Abbott’s desk to be signed. HB 3994 gives pregnant minors and parents protections from the broken judicial bypass system that allows minors to seek permission from a judge to undergo secret abortions without any parental involvement. Current Texas Law requires both parental consent and notice before an elective abortion, but pregnant minors may get permission from a judge to undergo the abortion without any parental involvement. The abortion industry and activist pro-abortion lawyers have been abusing this judicial bypass process and exploiting parental rights. The bill would close these harmful loopholes and better protect pregnant minors. Read more.

Unfortunately, another important pro-life bill, SB 575, failed to be taken up for a vote in the Texas House this week, killing the bill. SB 575 would have brought pro-life reform to the Texas insurance market by removing automatic coverage for abortion from health insurance plans to ensure Texans’

... Read more

Help Stop the Removal of Mother and Father from Texas Birth Certificates

After the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex 'marriage,' same-sex couples are wanting to remove "Mother" and "Father" from all birth certificates as recently reported by the Dallas Morning News. Contact Gov. Abbott's office and your state officials and ask them to STOP the removal of "Mother" and "Father" from Texas birth certificates!
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Encourage Texas Leaders to Preserve Religious Freedom

It is vitally important to ensure that the government does not discriminate against anyone for simply believing in marriage between a man and a woman. Thankfully, some elected leaders in Texas, including our Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, have taken important steps to protect the religious freedom rights of Texans. Please thank and encourage Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Attorney General Paxton.
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Protect Your Pastor and Church

Please contact your State Representative today and ask them to support and coauthor SB 2065. The bill ensures that the government may not force a pastor, a clergy member or church to perform a marriage or related ceremony that would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.
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Justice Served: City of Austin to Pay $480,000, Loses Court Case Against Faith-Based Nonprofit Centers

Aug 27, 2015
Austin, TX, August 27, 2015 – The City of Austin will pay ...

Hood County Bows to LGBT Machine, Pays $44K In Frivolous Case

Aug 18, 2015
August 18, 2015 – Today, attorneys for a gay couple that sued...

Rogue Texas Government Entity Gives Taxpayer Funded Benefits to Same-Sex ‘Spouses’

Jun 30, 2015
Austin, TX, June 30, 2015- The Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) announced...

Gov. Abbott Issues Directive: State Officials Ordered To Respect Religious Freedom on Marriage Beliefs

Jun 26, 2015
Austin, TX, June 26, 2015 – Today, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued...

Supreme Court’s Marriage Ruling is Egregious Attack on Democracy, Will Never Be Accepted

Jun 26, 2015
Austin, TX, June 26, 2015 – Texas Values has released the following...