Trump Rescinds Obama Public School Bathroom Rules

The Trump Administration rescinded today a set of Obama-era guidelines which put young men and boys into bathrooms and locker rooms with little girls in our public schools and other government facilities covered by Title IX.

“There must be due regard for primary role of the states and local school districts in establishing educational policy,” a letter from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education stated.

Said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values:

“This is good news for the privacy, safety, and dignity of young students across America. We’re excited that the Trump Administration agrees with the common-sense practice that young men and boys do not belong in bathroom and locker room with little girls. The Obama Administration radically distorted a federal law that was intended to equalize educational opportunities for women and misused the law to open students’ private facilities to members of the opposite sex. Today, the Trump Administration rightly corrected that error, prioritizing the privacy and dignity of all students and ensuring that schools don’t lose crucial federal funding for protecting their students.

“The Texas Privacy Act, Senate Bill 6, remains more vital than ever as efforts to strip away privacy protections will shift to the state level. State lawmakers have a responsibility to protect the privacy and dignity of all Texans. We need a law that both sets the baseline for privacy across the state and shields public schools from lawsuits by organizations seeking to impose their anti-privacy agenda. The Texas Privacy Act will ensure that privacy, dignity, and common sense rule in Texas so that no student will be forced to shower or undress with members of the opposite sex.”

The Texas Privacy Act (SB 6) is a widely supported bill in the Texas Legislature which protects the dignity and privacy of all Texans in intimate facilities in schools and government buildings. The bill defends private businesses from local government attempts to dictate restroom, locker room, and changing area policies.

Earlier this month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton represented 12 states in litigation against the Obama Administration’s guidelines before a temporary injunction from a federal judge halted the effort.

Click here for a growing list of alarming incidents of men entering women’s bathrooms.

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