Trump Religious Order Helps While Texas House Has Unfinished Business

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Celebrations are taking place at the White House today – this National Day of Prayer – as President Donald Trump signed an executive order easing enforcement of laws that discriminate against people of faith.

Meanwhile in Texas, several religious liberty bills and the House version of the Texas Privacy Act (HB 2899) remain stalled in committee.

Worse, said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, two bills that aggressively advance the LGBT leftist agenda (HB 225 and SB192) were approved by another House committee this week.

“There is important legislation like HB 2899 being held up by House leadership while bills that are major threats to religious freedom have been given a green light,” Saenz said. “We’re grateful to the Trump Administration for its support of religious liberty, but at the state level we must continue the fight to support legislation that protects privacy, defends the lives of the unborn, and preserves our First Amendment rights.”

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