The Battle For Life in Texas

Pro-Lifers pray at Texas capitol

Pro-Life Texans pray and sing “Amazing Grace” this morning at the Capitol.

Join the Fight to Protect Life in Texas

Last Tuesday night was a dark night at the state capitol. The forces of evil showed their true colors. They showed our entire state that they will stop at nothing to ensure that innocent human life is NOT protected. Democrat Senator Wendy Davis (Fort Worth) filibustered the pro-life omnibus bill for hours, but when her filibuster ended due to rule violations, the pro-abortion mob took over. With Planned Parenthood National Director Cecile Richards urging them on, the mob resorted to outrageous tactics, essentially shutting down the Texas Senate, and ensuring that SB 5 did not pass before the midnight deadline.

This was no accident. This was a well-planned and coordinated effort from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and went all the way to the top with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi jumping in to support the pro-abortion mob in Texas. Texas must not and will not let this stand. The people of Texas must rise up. The protection of the unborn is too important and the people of Texas, through their elected representatives, have a right to see these important protections for the unborn and women get passed.

To that end, our pro-life Governor Rick Perry has called for a second special session, starting today July 1, to ensure that these pro-life protections become law. Rep. Jodie Laubenberg has refiled the Pro-life Omnibus Bill and the bill is now HB 2. A committee hearing on HB 2 is scheduled for tomorrow – Tuesday, July 2. The meeting will be at 3:30 pm in room E2.030. Click here for full details.


Tuesday night must serve as a wakeup call for all Texans!  We are asking every Texan supportive of life to come to Austin to the committee hearing and floor debates in the House and Senate. Bring a bus, fill vans, bring your church – bring everyone willing to spend some time in prayer for life. We must stand for those that cannot stand for themselves!

If you attend the hearing(s) on Tuesday, please prepare a three-minute testimony explaining how abortion has hurt you or someone you love. You will also be able to register at the Capitol kiosk in support of HB 2 without testifying. Please arrive early and be prepared for a long day and night and bring snacks and beverages. And wear blue!

How You Can Help #Stand4Life in Texas

1. Come to the Texas State Capitol in Austin for the hearings and/or the final vote in in the House and Senate when scheduled. A House committee hearing on HB 2 is scheduled for tomorrow – Tuesday, July 2 at 3:30 pm in room E2.030.

*Please make plans to arrive as early as you can, as it will be very crowded, and please plan on staying late.

2. Call and email your State Representative and Senator and ask them to support the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill.  Click here to find your representative and senator and send them a message.

3. Join the effort on Social Media and encourage your friends, family, and church to engage . Use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter and stay up to date on our Facebook page.

4. Most importantly pray

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