Thanksgiving and the Cowboys attacked by LGBTQ Advocate

Austin, Texas – Singer Ellie Goulding recently threatened to cancel her halftime appearance at the Dallas Cowboy’s Thanksgiving Day game. She is currently scheduled to perform during the halftime show to encourage Americans to donate to the 129th Red Kettle Campaign. The Red Kettle Campaign helps provide shelter and meals for the homeless and hungry, as well as Christmas toys for children and social service programs to millions of people in need year-round. Many people know this campaign by the iconic bell ringers placed outside popular shopping venues. The Red Kettle Campaign begins on Thanksgiving Day and runs through Christmas Eve is the largest and longest-running fundraiser of its kind. In 2018 this effort raised over $142.7 million dollars.

Goulding is threatening to cancel her appearance because she alleges that arguably the most well-known Christian based service ministry, The Salvation Army, is “anti-LGBTQ.” However, the Salvation Army actually has a link on their website specifically dedicated to highlighting their outreach and charitable services offered to LGBTQ individuals.

Goulding is specifically demanding that The Salvation Army make financial donations to pro-LGBT groups.

This threat is similar to what the City of San Antonio government did by banning Chick-fil-A from their airport because of past donations to The Salvation Army. In response to this attack on religious freedom, the 86th Texas Legislature passed the Save Chick-fil-A religious freedom law, which prohibits discrimination based on donations or affiliation with religious organizations. This bill received bipartisan support and was the most talked-about issue of the session, making headlines and trending globally.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said “Leftists will not be satisfied until anyone who drops spare change in a Salvation Army bucket this Christmas is labeled a bigot because they are a Christian organization. This is exactly why Texas passed the Save Chick-fil-A religious freedom law that protects charitable donations. The Dallas Cowboys should put charity above politics and allow this performer to walk before caving to this extortion request. ”

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