Texas Values Praises 5th Circuit Stay of Previous Abortion Ruling

Austin, Texas – While the Texas Values law and policy team was preparing to support the Governor and Attorney General on appeal, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered an emergency stay on the previous federal lower court ruling that sought to override Gov. Abbott. This emergency stay by the 5th Circuit means that Governor Abbott’s executive order banning elective surgeries, including abortions, still stands. The federal court’s decision has been set aside. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay will be in effect until April 13, when federal judge Lee Yeakel will hear arguments on a permanent injunction and the temporary restraining order is over.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Policy Advisor for Texas Values said: “We appreciate the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal’s quick common-sense decision to save lives.”

Texas Values is one of the leading pro-life groups in the state of Texas and has been involved with pro-life legislation at the Texas Legislature since 2012.


About Texas Values

Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at txvalues.org.

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