Texas Legislators Mirror Obama, Support Failed Embryonic Stem Cell Research

On a day when President Obama, by Executive Order, has ordered drastic expansion of federal taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell reearch, there are at least 5 bills in the Legislature with the same goal.  HB 543 (Rep. Raymond), SB 208 (Sen. Shapleigh), SB 641 (Sen. Ellis), HB 1190 (Rep. Homer), HB 1764 (Rep. Wooley) authorize the “clone and kill” method of embryonic stem cell research where a human embryo is cloned, the stem cells are removed, and the human embryo is then destroyed.
The clone and kill method of embryonic stem cell research has been a total failure for human benefits and has been abandoned by its pioneer, who created the cloned animal “Dolly the Sheep.”  Texans and taxpayers across this nation should not be forced to throw away money for science that continues to fail. 

The desperate plea for tax payer money for embryonic stem cell research seems to be in large part because private donors won’t support something that doesn’t work have saved over 20,000 lives and been proven to treat over 72 different diseases and illnesses, like Joseph Davis, II, who was cured of sickle cell anemia because of adult stem cells.  Click here for details. http://freemarketblog.wordpress.com/?s=darlene  

SB 73 (Sen. Nelson), and HB 1700 (Rep. Laubenberg) support adult stem cell research and treatment.

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