New Legislation Goes Into Effect Today

Today, September 1, most of the new legislation passed in the recently completed legislation session goes into effect. Highlights of the session include passage of  (1) the Sonogram bill, (2)...

Weekly Legislative Update Video

Legislative Update video for the week March 21-25.   Click here to view video interview with Rep. Eissler

Texas Voter I.D. Bill Is Up For Debate & Vote in Texas House

Live blogging here. 1:54 p.m. Point of Order sustained.  Voter I.D. Bill stalled, for now. Amendments begin.  Anchia withdraws his amendment.  Amendment by Rep. Giddings, dealing...

Weekly Legislative Update Video

Legislative update video for the week of March 14-18.

Voter I.D. Bill Passes Texas House Committee

S.B. 14, has already passed the Senate.  Could be on the House floor for full vote by next week.  Could be first bill headed to Gov....